Why Choose River Ridge Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Center

Dr. Brent Henriksen and Dr. Trevor Holleman are the two practicing surgeons at River Ridge Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Center. With 25 years of maxillofacial surgical experience and training from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and Virginia Commonwealth University, the doctors are expertly equipped to handle a wide variety of mouth, teeth, and facial region conditions and problems. They practice full-scope oral and facial surgery, including complex dental extractions, dental implant placement, connective jaw surgery, facial trauma, and reconstructive surgery, TMJ surgery, and facial cosmetic procedures. The procedures are performed under safe and appropriate anesthetic methods, in conjunction with the treatment plan designed by you and your referring dentist or doctor. The doctors take great pride in providing a successful and comfortable experience for each patient. We are also a proud member of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.

Exparel Logo

EXPAREL is available at River Ridge. It is one of many opioid-free pain management options that we have available for our patients. It is a long-acting, non-narcotic numbing medication that is injected at the end of your procedure. We have found that long-lasting anesthetics along with pain management counseling decreases the need for narcotic pain medications. Long-lasting anesthetics are a safe regimen of an NSAID and acetaminophen. We as a provider want to continue bringing awareness to opioid addiction and awareness and do our part in combating this epidemic.

Surgical Staff

The surgical staff at River Ridge consists of 11 fully certified maxillofacial surgical assistants who work hand-in-hand with our surgeons to administer anesthesia and perform surgery. Our surgical and administrative staff are able to help with any questions that you may have regarding your visit including scheduling, insurance policies, and questions regarding pre-operative and post-operative care. If the initial person you speak with does not have the answer to your specific question, we will be sure to promptly find someone who will.

Your Visit

Your appointment at River Ridge often times does not require a consultation. We make every effort to lessen the burden of travel and time by performing your procedure on your initial visit. If you have a complex medical history or dental situation as determined by your dentist, we will schedule a consultation and a second appointment for the surgical procedure.

  • We ask that you arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for check-in.
  • We require an annual updated registration by every patient we see. You can select the patient registration tab and complete the form online. It sends the form to us digitally.
  • We ask that you bring your insurance cards to your appointment.
  • If you are to be sedated please see the anesthesia instructions. 
  • You can review all post-operative instructions.
  • We ask that if you have a medical condition that is pertinent to your scheduled procedure, please notify our office.

We are a Referral-based Practice

We are generally a referral-based practice. Most often, we do not see patients without a referral from your dentist, physician, or other dental specialists. Please call our clinic to find out if you need to be referred for your particular appointment at 605-331-5059. Scheduling with our office, unless in the case of an emergency, is typically 1-2 weeks out. 

Please note that end-of-year appointments, days off from school, summer appointments, and Friday appointments fill up the soonest. We are able to schedule over a year in advance.

We frequently see patients on an emergency basis. We will make every attempt to see you that day.